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Making dreams come true since 2005, Surrogate Services International has successfully assisted heterosexual, L.G.B.T and single intended parents achieve their dream of parenthood both in the USA and worldwide with the assistance of both egg donors and surrogates (gestational carriers).

A full service recruitment and trust management agency that focuses on making dreams come true at an affordable price, we guarantee our price to be the most cost effective in the USA market.  In addition you will never be required to sign a contract or pay any funds until we find you a suitable match.

We work only with AAARTA ( The American Academy of Assisted Reproduction Technology Attorneys in order to ensure our clients have qualified legal representation.

You can feel at ease knowing that upon request we provide references from past and present clients who can share with you’re their experiences with our agency.


The SSI Difference

Founded on personal experience the team at Surrogate Services International is highly empathic to what intended parents are going through to achieve their dream of parenthood that coupled with our extreme dedicated to personalized service together with the highest professional standards you’ll never feel alone with our bilingual team.

Surrogate Services International is highly selective when it comes to recruitment of surrogates, unlike many agencies that recruit over the phone we are absolutely meticulous when choosing surrogates to work with our program and are one of the few agencies that completes, criminal background checks, child abuse clearances, credit checks and in-home inspections to ensure our surrogates live in an environment conducive to a safe and healthy pregnancy.

When matching our surrogates with intended parents we ensure our surrogates and intended parents share the same, social, moral and ethical values.



Surrogate Services International believes in the value of sharing experiences , we put all our potential clients in-touch with past and/or current clients who are happy to share their experiences with our agency.

“I selected SSI as my agency to pursue becoming a surrogate because I felt the company was run in an ethical manner which coincided with my own values. TJ was diligent about personally making sure that all was handled to my satisfaction, rather efficiently handling the unexpectedly early arrival of the baby.”

– Kerin M. Enola, PA

I’ve been working with TJ (Surrogate Services International) for about a year as a gestational carrier.  TJ is an amazing person to work with.  She never makes you feel like any question is too much or dumb, she is compassionate and very educated.  Anytime I have a question or concern TJ is there to answer and she always makes me feel better about whatever situation may be happening.

– Heather S. Palmyra, PA